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Computer Tips
BACK YOUR FILES UP REGULARLY. Your computer will crash. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” Take a few minutes each day, if possible, and back up your My Documents folder. There are many great storage media available for backups, including USB thumb drives and external hard drives, as well as DVD or CD burners.

Symptoms of hard drive problems
If your hard drive starts making strange, unpleasant noises it is probably dying. Stop everything and start backing up, immediately. If you don’t feel confident, Computer Doctor can save your data to CD, DVD or a new hard drive. Our success at saving your data depends on how quickly you bring us the machine.

What if my computer shuts down all by itself?
You probably have a machine that over heats. Ensure your computer is in a well ventilated area and is cleaned, inside and out. It can also indicate that a component of your computer's cooling system is failing. At Computer Doctor, we clean all computers that come to our shop. We strongly recommend that laptops that shut down by themselves be examined to prevent damage to the interior laptop components.


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